When a dad spends time with his children on a regular basis, it shows. He is there and gets to share in seeing his son take his first steps . . . He is there for his daughter when she begins to say her first words . . . He is there to hear about his first day at school . . . He is there to experience the sparkle in her eye and the joy in her heart at Christmas.

From the excitement of losing the first tooth to the celebration of a university graduation, a father who IS THERE - he is an integral part of his child's life.


I encourage you today to be a strong sense of safety and protection to your children. Let your character serves as an anchor of stability, especially in times of problems.

Dad, be a source of wisdom and counsel for your children, even when you discipline them, always try to be firm and fair!

God has given each of us a measure of faith. Where are you putting yours?

Do circumstances ever fill your heart with fear and doubt?

Let Pastor Samm help you discover how to start living by faith - one day at a time!

@FAITH OASIS, the TRANSFORMATION unfolds. SOON, we'll CHANGE the way you look and give your FAITH a MEANING!

JOIN US in 40 days of SUPERNATURAL EMPOWERMENT @ FAITH OASIS, 1st March to 9th April, 6pm daily. Come with your shopping list of expectations and EXPECT a MIRACLE!

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MIRACLES are HAPPENING everyday and HALF of the STORIES have NEVER been TOLD!

FAITH OASIS, the place to BELONG for the BEST!



There is a gold mine of potential hidden deep within every person, and you are no exception.

When God created you and me, He breathed the breath of life into us and then placed a little part of Himself in us.

We are created in His image and filled with His potential - a potential to do the impossible.

But how do we harness it - how can we turn possibilities into realities?

First of all, we need to recognize what stands in the space between having potential and seeing it become reality, and that is time, determination, and hardwork.

Pastor SAMM Adedewe

Potential is greatness that exists as a possibility but is not yet a reality. In other words, a person who has potential, has all the necessary ingredients to be successful, but the ingredients have not yet been activated.

It's like knowing there is a huge vein of gold hidden in your backyard!

But in order to get to it and fully benefit from its tremendous value, you have to do some deep digging.

The person with untapped potential needs something to motivate them to take action and being to the surface the treasure that is within them.

To a great degree, our God - given potential is directly connected to our dreams and visions.

The question is how to develop the potential!

Number one, learn to draw on God's strength. Ephesians 6 vs 10.

You and I cannot fully develop our potential without the power of God at work in us.

Number two, spend time with God. Isaiah 40 vs 31MSG.

How do we spend time with God? Reading and studying scripture, singing songs of thanks and praise to Him, talking to and listening to Him in prayer.

Number three, work, work, work!
To achieve our potential, you and I must give it some form. Our potential must be poured into something in order for it to have ahape and Become useful. To develop our potential properly, we must have a purpose and a plan, and we must be doing something to fulfill it.

Number four, patience.
Patience is a fruit of God's Spirit that manifests itself in a calm, positive attitude. It is not the ability to wait; it is the ability to keep a good attitude while we wait. Hebrews 10 vs 36.

. . . To be continued. . .

God has given each of us a measure of faith. Where are you putting yours?

Do circumstances ever fill your heart with fear and doubt?

Let Pastor Samm help you discover how to start living by faith - one day at a time!

@FAITH OASIS, the TRANSFORMATION unfolds. SOON, we'll CHANGE the way you look and give your FAITH a MEANING!

I you really want God to move mightily on your behalf & you are serious about surrendering your entire life to His purpose, I encourage you to attend any of the services.

Call 07063093944 for prayer and counselling!

MIRACLES are HAPPENING everyday and HALF of the STORIES have NEVER been TOLD!

FAITH OASIS, the place to BELONG for the BEST!
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Illumination Today By Pastor Samm Adedewe



He that speakers in an unknown tongue edifies himself... 1 Corinthians 14: 4

As a Christian, when you speak in tongues, you edify yourself; that means you "embolden" yourself. This is the antidote for timidity and fear! It's something you can, and should do for yourself from time to time; building your spirit strong by speaking in tongues. It'll transform you automatically from being a weak, fearful person, to a bold, confident and courageous person!

Pastor Samm Adedewe

If it ever looks as though fear is creeping into your heart or you're feeling nervous about something, speak in tongues! Jude 20

There are times you might experience difficulty in remembering things; speak in tongues. The reason is that your spirit doesn't forget anything; the information is in your spirit, so when you stir your spirit, the answer will pop up.

Don't take speaking in tongues lightly, for it produces divine energy that repels fear and confounds the enemy.

It embolden you and imparts courage to your spirit. It produces in you a sense of mastery and dominion over adversities.

Practice speaking in tongues regularly; it's fastest way to activate your spirit and energies yourself for victory.

Happy and blessed.

Securing God’s help Through Fasting

Securing God’s help Through Fasting

Text: Isa. 58: 6-8

Fasting and praying is a platform for obtaining divine help. When you fast, you apply for divine help (2 chr20:3). Every promise of God to you carries a demand including the help of God. Therefore, every time you respond to the demand of God, He has no choice but to release His blessing for your benefits.

Securing God’s help Through Fasting

Securing His Help

Fasting is that force that secures your help from God, taking you from the low realm to the high realm. God’s help means divine assistance- Ps 108:12. Every demand God place on you is a demand that avails His help to you. When you respond to God’s demand , the help of God is secured; so when God demands that you fast, it is for you to renew your strength, to be empowered and ultimately to be helped.

Facts about God’s Help

It is ever timely, ever present – Ps46:1
It supersedes every other help - Rev. 12:16
It is accessible – Ps20:2
Profitable approaches to fasting for divine helps
Pray for the needs of others. Job42:10, Eph 6:8, 18
Engage your heart, avoid anxiety. 2chr 27:6, Isa. 38:2-3, 1 Sam 16:7
Minister to the Lord. It means to praise Him and adore. Act 13:2, 2kg 3:15
Pray in the spirit. Rom. 8: 26 – 27, Jude 20

 Wisdom Nugget

Man’s help may fail but God’s help will never fail
When God helps you, everything helps you
When you respond to God’s demand, the help of God is secured.

What Does Heaven Look Like?

What is Heaven on Earth?

It is simply experiencing the realities of heaven in the now, that is, whatever is not obtainable in heaven, the throne of God, is not permitted to be found in and around us.
We must also appreciate the fact that there are two kinds of Heaven recognized in scriptures:
1.    Present Day or Earthly – Lk11:20, 17:21, Rev. 12:12
2.    The Heaven Great Beyond- The eternal heaven where the throne of God is domiciled 1Thess 4:13-17, Rev.22:3
It is interesting to note that these two heavens confer the dominion of the saints. Rev. 22: 1-5

Heaven On Earth

 What does Heaven Look like?

  • Heaven is the home of over comers - Rev 2:7,11,17,26

  • Citizens of heaven prevail where others travail- Rev. 12:7-11

  • Heaven is the epitome of splendor- Rev. 21: 14-21, 2 Cor 8:9

  • There are only mansions in heaven – Jn 14:12

  • All the streets are paved with gold – Rev 21:21

  • All the mansions are built of pure gold – Rev 21:18

  • The walls of the city are built with costly pearls – Rev. 21:18-19

  • All that dwell in heaven are free from dealth, sorrow and pains- Rev. 21:4

  • All that dwell in heaven are free from curses, cannot be enchanted and cannot be oppressed- Rev. 22:3

  • In heaven, believers take on the nature of angels- Matt 22:23-30

  • Heaven is the seat of dominion

  • Heavens still rule on the earth- Dan. 4:25-26, 30-31.

  • Heaven’s dominion is from everlasting to everlasting and from generation to generation – Dan . 4: 34-35

  • No force can challenge the authority of heaven on the earth – Dan 4: 35

This is what will happen when Revival is said to Occur

Revival Fire is here

First, we must recognize that every revival fire is kept burning both by prayer and ministry of the word Act 6:4, Lev 6:12-13. As we are all aware, every move of God supernaturally moves people forward. Isa 61:1-7, Joel 2: 23-27, therefore, revival time is a time of supernatural advancement, upliftment and enlargement for the redeemed of the lord. Also, revival time is a time of divine visitation among the people which usually translates into supernaturally manifestation of His glory. Zeph 3:17
Revival Fire

This is what will happen when Revival is said to Occur

  • When men’s hearts begin to pant after God. Ps 42: 1-2
  • When walking in the fear of God becomes a way of life among the people. Isa 62: 10 – 12, Acts 5:11
  • When the spirit of God begins to move both among the priests as well as among the people with the same order of manifestation. Joe; 2: 28-30
  • When multitudes begin to be added to the church. Act4:4, 5:14, 6:7
  • When signs and wonders continue to multiply among the people. Joel 2: 23-27
  • When the word of God continues to increase in the revelation and depth among the people. Jer 31:34
  • When the prayer altar comes alive with intensity and consistency. Act 2:42, Act 3:1
  • When fellowship becomes a delight among the saints. Act 2:46, 5:42
  • When every home becomes a ‘church’ that is, house fellowship centers. Act 5:42, Rom 16:5, 1Cor 16:19